Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Magazine:// Salon Futura

Missed the launch of this one which is surprising given it's exactly the sort of thing I like to read:

Salon Futura is a new online non-fiction magazine devoted to the discussion of science fiction, fantasy and related literature.

I've rushed through the first issue, just started looking through the second, and am now looking forward to the third. They provide an epub download so it can easily be read on an ebook reader, though the website is a nice simple design which makes for easy reading. Some interesting articles and interviews, some audio and video content, altogether a really nice new online publication. I really hope they are successful with the magazine, there is definitely a space for something more structured than your average genre blog and this could fill it quite easily.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Free Read:// Free ebooks from The Black Library

I've not read any of the Warhammer stuff but I might just try some as they are giving some free ebooks away for the next few weeks. It's a promotion for their soon to be launched ebook store and first up is First and Only by Dan Abnett which I believe is the first in the Gaunt's Ghosts series.

Head over here and snag a free copy, looks like DRM-free epub and mobi.
To celebrate the launch of Black Library Digital, October 8th and the following four Fridays have been designated Free eBook Fridays. Be sure to point your browser in our direction at noon GMT on each of those days to find out which gem from the BL back catalogue – or digital exclusive – will be yours for the grand sum of zero pounds, dollars or yen.