Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Welcome to Dummies and Death Rays

OK Daddy, you can make a Star Wars spaceship with my Lego while I'm out.
That was my four year old daughter Sophie just a few weeks ago.

That's my  two and a half week old daughter Charlotte, lying on me, stopping me from getting any of that precious, sanity saving sleep that I stupidly took for granted just a few weeks ago.

Me? I'm a sci-fi loving stay-at-home-dad fighting a losing battle against the forces of princesses, tea parties and all things pink. Even the cat is a girl.

So here it is...Dummies and Death rays....sci-fi, fantasy and horror filtered through the brain of a sleep deprived homedad who knows more about Disney princesses than a thirty-something man should.

If I get some sleep, it might even all make sense.

Wish me luck,


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