Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bought:// Victory Point Games

Look what arrived along with my wife, following a business trip to the US...

In case you are wondering, that's the boardgames Legions of Darkness, and Nemo's War plus it's expansion, both from Victory Point Games.

Victory Point Games are a small desktop publishing games company based in California, who do a great job of getting new designers and games published. No big boxes with tons of plastic, it's all bagged like those old wargames you could pick up pretty cheap. They make a lot of solitaire games which both of these are, and I've been meaning to try them out for some time. A business trip, great exchange rate and opportunity to avoid Royal Mail's handling charges was too tempting so I managed to get these ordered.

My thanks to Alan and Terry at Victory Point Games for helping to get these to the right place at the right time. Just about to put one on the table, hopefully I'll get some reviews up soon.

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