Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Free:// Original Thunderstone Card Game Print and Play

Just spotted that AEG are giving away the original Thunderstone card game as a free print and play PDF. The cards have been updated to the new format too which is nice.

If you've not played it, it's a great, fantasy deck builder and works really well as a solitaire game. Worth checking out if you have the card and ink.

Earlier this year, we had a lot of success releasing our new set of Legend of the Five Rings cards in an introductory print and play. Fans loved being able to download tournament legal card sets.
We loved it too. We loved it so much, we brought it back–for Thunderstone.
Now for the first time, you can download the heroes, monsters, and village cards from the first Thunderstone set, the one that started it all, absolutely FREE. Download the promo sheet and get started here.

These cards are updated to the Thunderstone Advance standard, and the art has been “remastered” for this print and play edition. Check out more samples under the jump!

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